Toki no Tanaka is back for another 30 pages and those prev. and next episode buttons I drew over a year ago are finally being used for something! I hope you look forward to reading this brand new chapter over the coming months. What will happen in Sakura’s weekend I wonder?

I promised some exciting new announcements to go with this page and to that end, I’m pleased to open the official Toki no Tanaka Patreon campaign! If you love reading this comic as much as I love writing and drawing it, then you can use this to help fund the running of it by donating money in monthly installments. I didn’t want to just go begging from you, though, so if you pledge money through Patreon you’ll get plenty of rewards and bonus Toki no Tanaka content for your trouble! Don’t worry, nothing integral to the comic will now be locked behind a payment wall, and all the Patreon content will be very much a bonus. I think they’re great bonuses, though, and I’m only asking $2.50 a month for everything. Just imagine how much more you’d be paying if you had to buy newspapers to read the comic!

If you’re interested, just click on the link to the Patreon website for all the details of the scheme and everything you get in return. And if you’re not, maybe you should check it out anyway. Perhaps I could tempt you?

I have some other, smaller news, too. The Toki no Tanaka Twitter feed and Facebook page both no longer exist. Since I have other, non-Tanaka projects I’m working on, too, I thought it’d work better if I consolidated all of the comic stuff into my personal Twitter feed, so here it is: @SaundersJakey. Give it a follow if you like.

One more, final thing. I know this is unfortunate timing, seeing as we’re just starting out on episode 2, but I’m going to be on holiday in Wales next week, so I may not be able to post the next page on Thursday (depending on whether there’s an internet connection). If I can’t, though, I won’t make you wait a whole fortnight night, though, and I’ll post it when I get back on Sunday. See you on the 28th or the 31st!