Well, Akira might not have to worry about work anymore anyway. If he isn’t sacked for being seven hours late, then he very well could be when the hotel sends the phone bill to the company.


Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know there should have been a new page ready over a week ago, and I was on track to finishing it on time, too, before I suffered a catastrophic software crash that made me lose all but half of the page. I should really should have re-done and finished it by now, though, but losing such a lot of work left me very disheartened and reluctant to start redrawing what had vanished. So I’ve just started redrawing it now and for that I can only apologise. I should have posted something to explain the situation earlier at least.

The page is back to the cusp of completion now, but the bad news doesn’t end there, because I’m due to leave very shortly to spend a week in Devon, where I’ll be completely unable to draw anything towards the comic. Trust me, there’s no room in those caravans for my laptop and graphics tablet; I’ve tried it before. The net result is that I’m afraid you’ll have to wait even longer for page 26, on Tuesday the 7th of April to be precise. Thank you for your patience and sorry again to keep you waiting so long. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait!