Apologies for disappearing for over nine months, everyone! How many times has this comic died and come back again? I’ve lost count, but I sincerely hope that this will be the last comeback special page and we’ll finally get back to normal now.

The first step towards that, I feel, has to be the official retirement of the old (every Thursday) update schedule. Let’s face it, I’m never getting back to that level of frequency, so why maintain the farce? From now on, new pages will simply appear whenever they’re ready, which will hopefully be more often than once every ten months. Ideally, I’d like to have one done every couple of weeks, but, realistically, I’d be happy with a new page each month. I guess we’ll see. And don’t worry about missing a page because of not knowing a new one has been posted. You can either subscribe to the Toki no Tanaka RSS feed, or follow me on Twitter, both of which will keep you updated with new comics as they come. And don’t take this as a desperate grab for Twitter followers, I pretty much only tweet about my new comic pages, anyway.

In other news: do you find the wait for new Toki no Tanaka content interminable? Are you considering cryogenic freezing as a way to skip to the next page? Slow down there, prospective freezer geezer! Consider Ladies-in-Waiting instead! My new (actually nearly a year old) comic strip that’s updated every weekday. Spend those long, Sakura-free days with some other, far more English, little girls and chuckle at their quirky world-views and off-beat observations and all that. Here’s a taster to whet your appetite:


Good, right? Great. Then don’t forget to come back to ladiesinwaitingcomic.co.uk every weekday for more of the same!